Mt Hotham, Falls Creek Ski & Snowboard Hire

Are you a skiing enthusiast with your own skis or snowboard that you just love?  Well it’s really important that you look after your ski gear – and we can help you do that.

Come down and see the team for ski and board tuning.  We can give your snowboard a tweak and make sure your day at the snow is perfect.  Our trained team know what your skis and board need to make them glide over the snow.

Don’t let your equipment go downhill – take care of it.  Give it some love!  Let the team at Bright Ski Centre work their magic and tune it.  You’ll be glad you did – a day at the snow will be so much more enjoyable with equipment that has been well cared for.

Five good reasons to come in and have your skis and snowboard tuned by experts:

  1. Poorly tuned skis will be dull and won’t hold the snow or will grip too much
  2. If you don ‘t look after your beloved skis or board, they will eventually be damaged beyond repair.  Regular care and tuning will ensure your investment in excellent quality skis/board was worthwhile.  If you leave it too long, the damage may not be reversible.
  3. DIY tuning can cause variations in the edges – the high spec machine used by BSC ensure consistency and a smooth edge.
  4. Even the tiniest of pebbles can cause gouges in your skis or on your board – having these attended to straight away will prevent further damage.
  5. A great day at the snow can be quickly ruined if your skis or board are in poor condition.  A quick trip to Bright Ski Centre will ensure their pristine condition.